Heimark helps host exclusive Inspire Napa Valley fundraiser

Inspire Napa Valley raises over $450k for the Alzheimer’s Association in star-studded lunch and walk-about wine tasting

It’s rare to find an event like Inspire Napa Valley Food and Wine Fête, especially with the limited amount of intimacy we can share as a community during the ongoing pandemic. With an almost two year hiatus, Kerrin Laz and her passion to support the Alzheimer’s Association did not waver. On December 11th, 2021 we had the honor of sharing hosting responsibilities with Napa’s finest wineries, celebrating the ongoing research and investment into educating and finding solutions for those who are impacted by Alzheimer’s. Whether it be the families caring for an individual with the disease, the individual themself, or the community – Alzheimer’s is an illness that continue to cause suffering. Kerrin’s personal story with her mother’s diagnosis and ongoing life with Alzheimer’s is a pillar of strength to lift the Napa Valley community into taking action.

Within our own families, the Heimark team has personally experienced the pain and suffering it has caused our loved ones. We have learned to appreciate the time we have with our family and friends, but we also know love and support comes in many ways. Taking action is important, especially when this disease ravages through our communities. Alzheimer’s, like many other illnesses, can be better understood and more tactically approached with our collective support.

Alongside the infamous leaders of Abreu Vineyards, Bryant Family Vineyard, Futo Estate, Opus One, Rudd Estate, Screaming EagleStaglin Family Vineyard, and LAZ Wines, Heimark Vineyard joined host Kerrin Laz of Inspire Napa Valley to raise funds and share inspiring stories in support of the Alzheimer’s Association. We are honored to be a part of this special room of individuals and to use our platform as a winery for good.

Cheers to Kerrin, our co-hosts, our guests, and to the Alzheimer’s Association as allies in this battle to #EndALZ.

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December 2021