2018 Heimark wine rating moved up from 97 to 98 Points

“The 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon from Heimark is unbelievably elegant, even more than it was last year…The 2018 is outrageously delicious. Don’t miss it!”

—Antonio Galloni, Jan. 2022

Wine critics often create relationships with wineries, especially those who have consistently produced fine wines. It’s often that they create a dialogue directly with the winemakers themselves in order to have a proper introduction to how the wine was crafted and its journey into the bottle. Winemakers are the conductors of the orchestra, but they also play all the instruments. How good the instruments harmonize depends on a combination of the management of a vineyard, the quality of the fruit, and the unique terroir. In order to continue to develop an understanding of a wine, critics often revisit a bottle to see how well it develops over time. As you know, wine is alive inside the thick shell of glass that keeps it safe, constantly evolving as it ages. The complexities of taste found in an exceptional bottle of wine are truly ever-changing and develop into its own unique tasting experience.

When Antonio Galloni revisited our Heimark 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, he not only continued his research into what makes Heimark fruit special, but also how the wine so carefully crafted by Françoise and Mike continues to marinate into something “exceptional” as he states. As we enter our third year as Heimark Vineyard – the wine label, we are humbled by the early reception of our wines and are equally as excited about what’s to come. You still have the chance to acquire some of your own, our 2018 is still available.


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January 2022